the place to MEET

the place to meet

Where to have a date

Do you only have a few minutes to drink a good coffee or do you have a whole evening to chat over an aperitif? Do you want a rich breakfast or perhaps an afternoon tea? 

Whatever the occasion, step into an exotic atmosphere of the Café’s lively Elliptical room, where every encounter becomes meaningful.


Overlooking the arcades of Piazza Walther, the Café of the Stadt Hotel Città keeps you company, from 7.30 to 22.30.  

In addition to the 180 seats in the different rooms, there are outdoor tables where you can enjoy a short break, a long aperitif or a light lunch, surrounded by the stimulating and colorful atmospheres of a one-of-a-kind experience.

Open daily

07:30 - 22:30


The lights of the Stadt Hotel Città once again light up Piazza Walther, inviting the locals, travelers, lovers of good pastries, and anyone who wants to take a pleasant break into a stylish area, studied in detail, to sit at the tables of the Café, a stylish, well-designed area that combines pleasure for the eyes with that of the palate.  

Large and well-kept internal rooms, an outdoor space that returns as the star of the square and a variety of flavors, aromas and colors that leave you breathless. 

The Elliptical Room

But the real surprise is the hidden heart in the Café of the Stadt Hotel Città, a space of extraordinary beauty. The Elliptical Room is a magical environment: the perfect place to enjoy a cocktail with friends, a romantic date, or even a quick break, while making memories. Infinite shades of green chase each other on the walls, on the lights, on the luxuriant plants that climb up to the ceiling, on the velvety armchairs and sofas. A number of colors are surrounded by the light that comes in from the amazing glass dome on the ceiling. It is unthinkable to leave Bolzano without having experienced the dreamlike atmosphere of the Elliptical Room: a memorable experience that involves all the senses.  


Enjoy place, taste

The place to meet