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An unforgettable journey engages the senses and frees the emotions. In the Al Città restaurant every color, flavor, and scent becomes the indelible memory of an all-round experience. A pleasure for the eyes, the heart, and the mouth, ideal for those who would love to learn about Italy’s cuisine. 


A first approach to Italy, its territory, its people, its cuisine; hospitality is one of the fundamental values for Italians. And it is on this that the Stadt Hotel Città has decided to build the new mission of its Al Città: to make the traveler who reaches Bolzano “taste” the culture of an entire country, through the utmost respect for the seasonality of the raw materials, nutritional aspects and supply chain of the products used. 

From north to south, the twenty Italian regions will be the stars of the dishes thanks to Chef Forzan’s brigade, which is representative of the entire Peninsula. They will present the dishes to diners in seasonal menus paired with wines and beers from the cellar created to immerse yourself in the taste of the Belpaese (beautiful country).

Our menù

the CHEF

The notion that creativity and elegance are enhanced by simplicity led the Stadt Hotel Città in their choice of the best chef to make a great comeback.  

Chef Riccardo Forzan has a very impressive background, as he was trained by Sergio Mei, who was the executive chef of the Four Seasons in Milan for more than twenty years and is an illustrious spokesperson for traditional Italian cuisine.  

Furthermore, Forzan had previously worked with renowned Masters such as Gualtiero Marchesi , Alain Ducasse, and Moreno Cedroni. A young chef with clear ideas, Forzan has chosen to return to Italy after he had worked for restaurants all over the world. He realized that the customs and traditions, flavors, sounds, and people of the peninsula have no equal. His international experience is clearly visible in the cosmopolitan dishes he prepares at the Hotel and that are much appreciated by the attentive client.   

As for his mentor Sergio Mei, the strength of chef Forzan’s cuisine is his innate ability to reinvent traditional Italian recipes. In these dishes, created and made for the Stadt Hotel Città to make its return in grand style, his experience, tradition, research and modernity are combined with excellent ingredients and workmanship.  

Everything is perfectly visible in the chef’s creations: his  meticulous choice of the best raw materials, the continuous study of the combinations of flavors, beauty and balance, The same goes for the plating and table delivery. Every detail will bring emotion and spontaneity to the palate: only in this way does the dining experience become complete and unforgettable.

Riccardo Forzan

Executive Chef


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