this is the place

A privileged point of view

A privileged point of view in the heart of Bolzano: the Hotel Città opens its windows on the vitality of a cosmopolitan city and on a scenery of priceless beauty. A milestone in the history of the city, which now exudes elegance and hospitality to make its guests’ experience unique. 

A fascinating past

For those who know Bolzano, the life and soul of the city corresponds to where you can find the statue of Walther von der Vogelweide. The square that surrounds his imposing figure, and that was named after him in his honor, is where the jewels of the capital of South Tyrol are found: the Gothic Cathedral, the Christmas markets, the fervent city life and the historic Stadt Hotel Città.  

The elegant antique pink façade and the monumental neo-baroque architecture of the Hotel Città and its Café have dominated Piazza Walther, since 1913, silent and always attentive observers of Bolzano’s daily vitality.  

The Hotel Città belongs to the city municipality which has made it a meeting place between culture and the territory, staging music, dance and theater performances, essential events for locals and tourists alike over the years. 

a future yet to be written

Today the new management of the hotel is in the hands of Podini Spa and Birra FORST: two South Tyrolean companies well-known even beyond the regional borders, but above all, two families who have respected each other for many years and who have a goal together: to restore the historic Bolzano hotel to its former glory. 

Giovanni Podini‘s entrepreneurial spirit and Cellina von Mannstein ‘s creativity and cosmopolitan experience accomplished something breathtakingly beautiful: the Hotel’s magical color effects of the Hotel, Brasserie, and Café,  the interior with the Belle Epoque charm, and the original italics of the luminous sign that adorns the façade. They all bring out the soul of a hotel destined to be the star of the Piazza Walther scene once again.  

The lounge of Bolzano, a welcoming meeting point for travelers and residents, where everything happens. 

Stadt Hotel Città, this is the place.